Speculative Feminist Cosmic Message

In the year 1974 Frank Drake, Carl Sagan and other men send the Arecibo message, an interstellar radio message to spread knowledge of     humanity to outer space. However, we feel this message has flaws, in terms that it leaves womxn and other species behind and only shows a male dominant binary point of view. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arecibo_message)

As a means of undoing, resignification, and repair; in Cyborgrrrls we feel we have the responsibility to change the dominant narrative and that is why we are proposing to create a new message. We are using the resource of feminist speculation to do so in the form of a performance. Recurring to ancient coding and computational technologies - textiles- we will weave a new coded message - a ceremonial belt as an counter archival device and perform a ritual to resemble a way of sending it to outer space