One of the first solo female acts in electronic music in Latvia, Waterflower is a hidden gem in audiovisual performance art and experimental music. Established in 2006 under the alias Kroffork, the project’s early releases included 3 digital LPs and one digital EP. One of Kroffork’s main characteristics was home-recording noisy non-music objects and foliage sounds and incorporating these into ambient and avant-garde experimental pop compositions, often with spoken-word or haunting vocalizations drowned in reverb.

Self-taught in sound design as a teenager in the 2000s, Moore's only musical education was at an early age - grade three violin and multiple lead roles in musicals before the age of 10. Instead artist Sabine Moore utilizes her 11 years of professional visual and conceptual art studies to create music - the final product being an original and complex mix of genres, formally referred to as "experimental music" and "art pop".

Since the project’s name change in 2013, Waterflower is very much the same as Kroffork; the biggest difference being the introduction of “plant synthesizers”, adding performative elements to live shows. Waterflower’s usage of “plant synthesizers” has inspired other fellow musicians to use similar techniques; in 2017, Waterflower taught a workshop on capacitive synths as part of a performance and workshop series “Sounds Queer?” in Vienna, Austria, organized by artist and friend Mala Herba.

Because of her background in conceptual art and multimedia design, Waterflower not only creates and produces her own music, but also is fully responsible for her show’s live video projections, hand-made merchandise and costume design, visually drawing influences from Riga’s history in Art Nouveau and the curious world of nature and science intertwined.

Waterflower has had multiple releases and notable activities:
  • “Vairogi” (song) on compilation “Mūsu Dziesmas“ (Latvian Literature and Music Museum), released with a music video October 26th 2017. Video directed by Ieva Norvele-Kristof, first assistant director of György Kristóf’s “OUT” (Cannes 2017).
  • “AarhusxRiga” (2015-2017), an artificially-built collaborative project by Radar (DK), Skaņu Mežs (LV) and The Danish Cultural institute in Latvia, working with a 72-speaker system.
  • “Sounds Queer?” Synth Laboratory - hosted workshop on capacitive synths in Vienna, 8th October 2017

Waterflower has played Latvia’s major festivals, including Baltic Pride (Riga 2018), Laba Daba (2018), Postivus (2014 and 2016), as well as Ladyfest Tallinn (EE, 2013), Tenderete (SP, 2012), Eskusplosion (FI, 2014), Leigh Folk Festival (UK, 2015, 2016, 2017), as well as regularly touring in the Baltics, Scandinavia, and other European countries like Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Ireland and the UK.


Cyborg Cinema 2019: “VAIROGI”, “AlisP - Spagetti Kājas, “KO TU FAKING DARI?”